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BRDG is here to help you with general home maintenace, renos, repairs, installs, grunt work, and fun work.

Your vision is our mission.

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If you don’t have the time, tools, skills, or will to get that thing done, we’re happy to do it for you.

Book any of our services, ranging from interior painting, TV mounting to a complete Home Reno. With a simple click of a button or a call, your service is booked and ready to begin.

Interior Painting

Color is a science and painting an art. When it comes to adding color to someone’s world (wall), we mind the details because they make all the difference. Get clear estimates, quality work, and reliable clean service.

Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Crown molding and trims, Furniture painting and staining.

Drywall Repair & Finishing

Drywall repair and maintenance is key to keeping your home looking great. If you nicked the wall while moving furniture, made a hole while testing your golf swing, or have a wall covered with your little ones perma-marker doodles, we can help repair all of that.

Filling nail holes and anchors, Door knob holes, Moisture damage, Regular wear and tear, Damage from kids

TV Mounting

Flat screen TVs are meant to be mounted! You instantly save space and spruce up your room. But of course you knew that. Leave it to us. We’re happy to get this pain out of your neck. No more eye strain. No more eyesore.

Any size TV, Fixed mount, Tilting mount, Full motion mount, On the wall or over fireplace installation of sound bar or/and Surround system, Connect devices

Custom shelving & bookcases

For the love of books and other trinkets you like to put on your shelves, leave the building to us, so you can get back to your reading.

Build/install a variety of shelving unit, Bookcase, Cabinet, Entertainment center.

Deck Design, Construction & Maintenance

Making the most of your outdoor living space.

Deck Design, Construction, Maintenance, Staining & Painting, Pressure-wash

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